Tales of Terror

Here are some unpleasant little tales of terror. Not for the squeamish, these tales are explicit, contain some language that might be considered offensive by some and may contain content that some might find objectionable. You have been warned!!

At Tarantula Lil's by Richard Logsdon

Cheap Thrills At The Parker House by Rich Logsdon

Christmas in the Haunted House!! by Gareth Barsby

Crossing The Waters by Zen McCan

The Cry by D.B.Adams

Four Chaps In The Library by Paul Bradshaw

Ghastly by Paul Melniczek 

Ghost At The Window by Walt Hicks

The Girl in the New Dress by Larry Letemplier

Green Pea Soup Just Don’t Cut It Anymore by Robert Lyle

Hell's Outcasts by Quentin Chambers

Her Mother’s Hands by J. Knox

Magicians  Of Night by Sandy DeLuca

The Night That Dripped Blood by Rich Logsdon

Road Work by Walt Hicks

The Skeleton by Charlotte Dobson

Stirring In The Deep End by Jason Lavertue 

Threshold by Moira Dawson

Wicked Dreams by Rich Logsdon

Be advised that these tales contain graphic language, violence and things that might be offensive to some people.

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