Urban Legends

"Urban Legends" are tales that have been passed from person to person, town to town, over the years and told as true stories. They usually have happened to ones brother, sister, best friend, friend of a friend, relative, etc., to anyone but the person telling the story and they always insist that the story is true although no verification can be made. Here are a few of the best known tales of urban terror!

Cemetery Legends:

Dying In The Arms Of An Angel

Trapped In The Crypt

Ghostly Legends:

Bloody Mary

The Long Distance Phone Call

Ghostly Kids Push You Off Train Tracks

Old Al and the Pick Fort Shelby Hotel

Monster Legends:

The Jersey Devil

Lake Monsters

Unusual Creatures From Chupacabra To Yeti

Strange and Unusual Legends:

Cast Deaths From The Poltergiest Films

Hanged Man Turns Out To Be Real

Strange Smells From The Hotel Bed

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